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What does it mean to “file suit,” and why do we do it?
To “file suit” means filing legal paperwork with your respective courthouse. Filing suit does not take place unless you are filing a lawsuit against the par

Do I have to go to trial?
If you have a personal injury case, you do not have to go to trial. Many cases never make it to the trial stage. There are many elements to a personal injury ca

How much is my case worth?
Determining the worth of your case is evaluated based on five areas: 1. Past medical bills 2. Future medical bills 3. Lost wages 4. Loss of e

Can I receive workers’ compensation if my employer did not cause my injuries?
If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to workers compensation even if your employer did not cause your injury. There are state-protected workers compensation rights for every state. You are covered by the state for injuries sust

How long will my personal injury lawsuit take?
All cases are unique and therefore it is difficult to say exactly how long your personal injury lawsuit will take. That is why it is important to meet with us for an evaluation. Some cases can be settled, without going to court, in a matte

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents in New Bedford, Fall River or Taunton, MA

Slip and Falls Accidents are not uncommon, but they are very difficult to litigate.  An experienced personal injury law firm such as Dussault & Gomes PC may be able to help you recover damages from your fall.

Property owners are liable for what happens at their location and are responsible for the safety of those who come on their property.  If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation.


• Document precisely what happened during the accident that caused your personal injury
• Keep a detailed record of what harm/injuries are a direct result of the accident

1. Keep Records

After the accident, you should record all events that took place and include the time, weather conditions, who was present and how the incident occurred.  Document the extent of your injuries (both physical and mental), including the effect of your injuries of your everyday life such as work, school, social or personal life. Keep track of doctor, therapist visits, time missed from work, canceled events and the effect on your relationships.

2. Preserve the Evidence

Preserving evidence from your accident will be extremely helpful in your case.  Take pictures of the scene and document your injuries.

3. File an Incident Report

Speaking with the property owner or manager and filing an accident report or police report will be beneficial to your case.  This provides information about the incident, preliminary assessment of fault and information from witnesses.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall contact Dussault and Gomes today to learn about your legal options.