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What does it mean to “file suit,” and why do we do it?
To “file suit” means filing legal paperwork with your respective courthouse. Filing suit does not take place unless you are filing a lawsuit against the par

Do I have to go to trial?
If you have a personal injury case, you do not have to go to trial. Many cases never make it to the trial stage. There are many elements to a personal injury ca

How much is my case worth?
Determining the worth of your case is evaluated based on five areas: 1. Past medical bills 2. Future medical bills 3. Lost wages 4. Loss of e

Can I receive workers’ compensation if my employer did not cause my injuries?
If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to workers compensation even if your employer did not cause your injury. There are state-protected workers compensation rights for every state. You are covered by the state for injuries sust

How long will my personal injury lawsuit take?
All cases are unique and therefore it is difficult to say exactly how long your personal injury lawsuit will take. That is why it is important to meet with us for an evaluation. Some cases can be settled, without going to court, in a matte

Prescription Negligence

Have you been given the wrong prescription that caused you to suffer? According to statistics, more than 7,000 deaths occur each year as a result of prescription mistakes. Pharmacists and employees have a serious responsibility to ensure the safety of patients; when they make mistakes they put consumers in significant danger.

When pharmacies neglect to do their job and put consumers in harms way the victims and families may be able to pursue the recovery of physical, emotional and financial damage by filing a personal injury claim.

At Dussault & Gomes PC, our lawyers are fully prepared to see clients through the personal injury claim process.  We are familiar with many of the common pharmacy errors and we will work on your behalf to recover the compensation that you deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury or illness due to prescription negligence, please call our office today.  We are compassionate, attentive, and focused on delivering results.  Trust in the attorneys who will fight aggressively for you, contact Dussault & Gomes for your FREE Consultation today.